Bélya in Baltimore

If you have noticed a few new Bélya photos recently being posted online, you are not alone. They are from our latest project between Bélya and our newest friend and business ally, Mary Brunst. In brief, Mary found our products on Etsy and loved our work.  She asked us if we would like to be a part of her, Model Call Out, a free photo session, that she does annually to collaborate with small businesses and models. From contact to conception to completion an entire collection was created specifically for this photo shoot.


The back drop for this shoot was Baltimore’s historic Fell’s Point where docks, stores and buildings from Baltimore’s past and present helped Bélya connect with its base of operation in the U.S. The shoot was a success.  Each picture represents an artistic collaboration between fashion and photography.  What made this collaboration so challenging was the fact that designer and photographer never met, in fact, they communicated primarily by email, mail and through a business associate.  Despite an entire ocean between them, a four hour difference in time, no previous work experience together and demanding schedules everything came together as if they were kindred spirits.  

Mary built on this kindred connection making it an ideal relationship by using her intuitive knowledge to anticipate what was necessary and being opened to suggestions.  Mary was always there with a smile as large as the Baltimore sun set.  Working with her was easy and joyful like her personality. She works with a permanent whistle-while-you-work attitude, always bubbly, sharing and positive. Behind the smile is a consummate professional with a good eye and even better artistic vision.  It was her vision and ability to share and create it while incorporating our vision that made the shoot such a positive experience.  We were able to relate and combine our concepts and then put them into focus.


Mary understood Bélya's Four C's: Chic, Creative, Class, and Contagious Fun and applied it to everything she captured.  It was a marvelous and lasting effect.  We are extremely happy with Mary's work, commitment and friendship.  We could not have imagined a better result or person to work with.  Aissaou SENE and The Bélya Team would like to thank Mary Brunst for her work and this opportunity.  It was a golden collaboration.

We would also like to thank the models: Mara Amador, Sarah Burns, Pinky Decker, Karlie Pickett, Katherine Morua and the smallest and cutest model to wear Bélya, Kaden Beatty.

You can see more of Mary's work here: http://marybrunst.com/